Chairwoman's Message

Dear Friends of TÜRGEV,

As the Youth and Education Service Foundation of Turkey, we have been working for 25 years to serve the people of this land and strive to support the participation of our girls in education and social life on equal terms. In our 21 dormitories in Istanbul and Anatolia, we offer our young girls various trainings to raise themselves in every field as well as accommodation under safe and comfortable conditions that is equally good as the family warmth and scholarship opportunities.  

Since the day we were founded, we have been acting with the awareness that the foundation tradition is a structure that produces altruism not only on behalf of our country but also on behalf of the whole world and humanity. With the power given by this meaningful energy, we strive to carry our country to the future with confident steps and to offer every resource we have access to our students with more qualified services in order to raise a young generation that is committed to its values.          

Today, as a foundation that is one of the largest non-governmental organizations operating in housing for higher education and secondary education, education in Turkey, we develop and implement various projects to support the development of our young girls in the material-spiritual, cultural, artistic, literary, scientific, technical and sports fields at TÜRGEV. We carry out activities to contribute to their evolution with our initiatives such as general seminars, workshops, talent management center, youth centers, overseas activities, Ibn Haldun University, EDEP program.    

We are making the necessary attempts to provide all kinds of material and moral support in order to raise awareness of our young people about the duties they will undertake in society and to equip them with the equipment they will need to be useful to humanity.

We, as TÜRGEV, see the education as a lifelong learning journey to reach information and produce value independently from institutions, time, space and physical conditions and; we see the youth as an age of discovery, excitement, inspiration and opportunity where the past, present and future blossom at the same time. For this very reason, we try to open up experience areas for our young girls to grow up as self-confident, unprejudiced, open-minded, responsible, sensitive, respectful of life, people and the law.

We are aware of the transformative contribution of the civil and social policies we produce with this perspective to our society. And that makes us look at the future with hope.

In line with our goals, the support of our donors, students and their families, employees and loved ones is invaluable to us. As TÜRGEV, we owe a debt of gratitude to all our members and friends, especially our founder Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. We will continue to walk our path with fresh enthusiasm every day in order to be worthy of this kindness, to carry the responsibility that history has placed on us with honor, to crown our duties with new achievements and to be the hope of more students.

Effort is from us, success is from Allah.

Greetings and affectionates.