TÜRGEV Talks has been designed as a communication channel that will produce content and reflect the international face of TÜRGEV, organize events and maintain communication in English Language.

Bringing interdisciplinary academics, experts, artists, journalists from all over the world together with TÜRGEV students, TÜRGEV Talks aims to offer the perspective that our young people will need to be involved in current global discussions. At the same time, it aims to be an important resource for foreign students, academicians, researchers or journalists who want to be informed about the line and activities of the foundation. 

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The City & Soul 

Studying the humanities or classics forms and deepens us as individuals and as contributors to society as a whole. At a time when technology offers dazzling new possibilities and cultures collide in ways both exciting and dangerous, humanities provide crucial insight into what matters in life, into the character of civilisation, and into the capacity — and the limits — of people’s ability to understand societies different from their own. It places the human being right the centre events, a knowledge that is much needed in order to function as an effective citizen in a rapidly changing world.

The Humanities programme provides students the opportunity to integrate courses from across the humanistic disciplines into intellectually coherent and personally meaningful courses of study. Works of literature, music, history, political philosophy, the city & self are brought into conversation with one another in order to provide a fuller and unitary view of the individual and society.


Film and Literature

Ever since the dawn of the modern age, human beings have gradually metamorphosed into a coordinated mass of machine-like workers, driven by self-interest and the instant gratification of small pleasures. Global societies which are often based on the modern notions of security, progress, and individualism, are now experiencing the chaotic and destructive effects. It has led to the re-ordering of the different elements of the soul but more importantly a re-ordering of society that has not allowed deep individual authenticity and flourishing to emerge. 
In this course, we will analyse the consequences using film and literature. We will begin with the movie Joker and complete the course by looking at the book, ‘The Giver’.

Film And Literature II

This course will serve to provide a foundation for interpreting and understanding eight classical texts adapted for the screen. It will centre on the major philosophical, psychological, socio-political and historical themes found in each of the movies. After completing this course students should be able to identify and understand the major themes found in each of the classical texts and be able to engage with what the authors are saying in a more meaningful manner to assist in understanding themselves and society.

The Passion Of The Western Mind

This course gives you the opportunity to properly acquaint yourself with a selection of the main theoretical works in the Western tradition that have shaped the world we live in today. At the same time, you will acquire a basic understanding of intellectual developments in the West from classical antiquity to the modern era.


Woman Society and Power

Woman’s sexuality is the most misunderstood and understated subject.  Either her sexuality is commodified, exploited or punished, its expression is seen as a threat. Misogyny, Patriarchy, capitalist exploitation and violence are seen as the most oppressive forces. Despite advances in women liberation and feminist movements, there is a big void where the natural primordial woman has disappeared for a long time.How to resurrect a Natural woman who has a wholesome sexuality and spirituality.   From a damaged, distorted, dispirited, disempowered woman, how do you bring back the true feminine spirit that is expression of divinity. How to understand sexuality and its relation to spirituality. How to restore love and life force, how to reinstate the sacredness of procreation, how to bring back meaningfulness of sexuality and how establish the nature’s balance and harmony that leads to the path of divinity.

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The Hero's Journey

In this course, learners will be guided on the epic quest of self-discovery by understanding the stages of the hero’s journey and engaging with the visual metaphors from films, literature and real-life experiences. Learners will also: explore the pathways and side roads of the Inner Journey with strength and confidence, begin to demystify the process of understanding and actualizing their purpose and passion and to summon the courage to be the hero in the story that is your life! In an age where people look outward for direction, living the hero’s journey provides a time honoured template for looking inward and going deep for the answers we seek.

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The Praxis of Prosperity


In the current geostrategic world, it is of great significance restoring and implementing new methods of cooperation, economical collaboration and success. However, understanding the semantics of old systems will guide us towards offering solutions and well-established alternatives by emphasising the importance of the commons and solidarity within society. The need for profound structural changes is emergent in addition  reconstructing a new trading policy based on the spirit of the old Islamic trade templates it will be  a huge milestone towards setting up a stable successful future.   

What is the importance of trading and commerce policy and how it is regulated in different systems? In this course we will offer crystal clear solutions and alternatives to the capitalist   system. Moreover, explore the template of Medina market and explicitly elaborate the Islamic way of trading economy and finance.

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Muslims and Politics On The Edges of Islam

One cannot properly conceive of the center without knowing its edges. In this course, we explore 5 frontiers of Islamic civilization and governance with the aim of highlighting how events in these regions have impacted us today. From Samarkand to Sarajevo we gain perspectives on the making of the modern world viewed through the lens of history. . By studying the terrain of happenings on these frontiers we engage in critical thought and develop tools for descending crucial events in an age where we are drowning in information and lacking methods needed to analyze our current situation

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Women and Power

This course is a journey within, of understanding fears, self-obstructionism, forces that oppress us and recognising the limitations of perception. We will examine the layers of fear, shame, vulnerabilities, rage that throw us into a dark hole of pain, disenchantment and self-destruction. It will help you recognise ones Nafs, fears and the overcoming barriers through the doors of love, bewilderment and self-knowledge.

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Happiness: A History

The purpose of this course, however, is not purely historical and each week students will be provided with a task or reflection questions in order to harness their own understanding of prosperity and the good life. These tasks are deeply personal and will not be handed in as they are there to aid the student’s own personal developmen.

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The Age Of Addiction

Addictions (substances, gaming, alcohol, social media, food and sex, etc) are now recognised as one of the major causes of individual distress and misery in our societies and cities, comparable to poverty and unemployment. The shocking extent of this rise is made all the more disturbing by the knowledge that so much of it is preventable. This is due to the significant correlation between capitalist culture (big business) and their ruthless pursuit in profiting from our bad habits.

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