Tarih boyunca yaşanan olayların, klasik, politik, ekonomik ve psikolojik yaklaşımda yeniden anlamlandırılmasına katkıda bulunmayı hedefleyen uluslararası eğitim platformu.

TURGEV Talks is designed as a project that produces content reflecting the international face of TÜRGEV, organizes events and communicates in English.
TURGEV Talks, which works interdisciplinarily and brings together academicians, experts, artists and journalists from all over the world with TÜRGEV students, aims to provide the perspective that our young people will need to be involved in current global discussions. At the same time, it aims to be an important resource for foreign students, academics, researchers or journalists who want to have an idea about the foundation's line and activities.

TURGEV Talks, which started to take place on social media platforms in 2020, has reached more than 50 video posts and more than 200,000 views prepared in English on its YouTube channel within a year. 
TURGEV Talks continues to grow in new channels with its YouTube channel and Medium account.