• What kind of a gap does TÜRGEV fill in Turkey?

    TÜRGEV fills a very important gap in the field of education in Turkey by offering safe, clean, healthy, comfortable, and affordable dormitories for young, female university students from being a luxury and an accessible opportunity for everyone.

    In addition, the Needs and Success Scholarship opportunities, provides both convenience to students who have difficulty in reaching the opportunities and financial support to young people who show perseverance and effort in their studies. 

  • What is TÜRGEV's vision for education?

    TÜRGEV claims to be a unique ground for its students not only to meet their housing needs but also for them to take part as active and active individuals in intellectual, scientific, artistic, and cultural fields and to educate themselves in the subjects they are interested in.

    TÜRGEV strives to be a follower of its claim and influence in the field of education by supporting and guiding the graduated students after their university education. TÜRGEV, which considers education not only as a learning process connected to institutions but also as the dominant element of social and cultural development, sees girls as the building blocks of society and culture and supports them to become individuals who produce value in all areas of life.

  • What are the dynamics that grow and develop TÜRGEV?

    Since the day it was founded, TÜRGEV has developed, transformed, and grown with the presence of young girls who read, understand, question, and produce.


  • What role does TÜRGEV play in the future of developing and changing Turkey?

    TÜRGEV, which is aware that the development of a country is directly proportional to the impact of women in society, works to ensure that today's girls can become successful scientists, teachers, engineers, lawyers, and artists of the future with the opportunities and services it offers.

    TÜRGEV acts with the awareness that the effort to offer opportunities to young girls' dreams is one of the most solid steps taken to build the Turkey of the future. It produces projects with increasing excitement every day to open up areas of opportunity for young people who have dreams and hopes that will add meaning to the future of not only Turkey but also the world.

  • What are the most used words by TÜRGEV? What do those words mean for TÜRGEV?

    Education: Education for TÜRGEV; It is a lifelong learning journey to access information and produce value independent of institutions, time, space, and physical conditions.   

    Youth: Youth for TÜRGEV; is an age of discovery, excitement, inspiration, and opportunity in which the past, present, and future blossom at the same time.  

    Future: The future for TÜRGEV is a hopeful young person who dares to take steps to expand the vision of her/his own time by kneading the knowledge of the present with her/his dreams.

    Trust: Trust for TÜRGEV; to provide the environment and conditions that will make young girls who are responsible for focusing only on their education and that will make them safe from all kinds of financial and spiritual concerns.  

    Discovery: Discovery for TÜRGEV is to reveal the passion for learning and to transfer what they have learned to life, to keep the ability of understanding awake all the time and, to work to nurture it.  

    Experience: Experience for TÜRGEV; is to open a space for students to transfer all kinds of knowledge they have acquired throughout their educations from theory to practice.    

    Excitement: The excitement for TÜRGEV is to share the dreams of young people who strive to add value to themselves and the geography they live in and to multiply this effort.

    Care: The care for TÜRGEV is to make every effort necessary for the peace of mind of its students and to follow the things to be done meticulously.