Center for Education Support Programs (EDEP)

The Center for Education Support Programs (EDEP), which aims to contribute to the training of academicians who will seek answers to the problems of the age by combining Islamic civilization with science and Islamic sciences with modern education, continues its activities with its various programs and new courses.

IHU provides various educational opportunities to its students; 'Instrument Sciences' such as Arabic and English, which are attended by undergraduate, and graduate students; 'Islamic Sciences' such as the Holy Quran, fiqh, tafsir, hadith, kalam; 'Social Sciences' such as Sociology, Politics, Economics, History of Islamic thought, History of Islamic civilization and critical thinking; The 4-year Honor Program, in which many courses are given, including Sufi lessons, Riyaz-us Salih readings, İhya courses, as well as 'Irfani Sciences', Hafiz Program, LISAR organized for successful students studying in high schools in Istanbul, Summer School, where female and male students from different countries are accepted at the doctoral level, and 3-year Specialized Education Program attended by students selected from among those who have completed master's and doctorate degrees and graduated from EDEP Honors Program.

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