TURKEN Foundation

TURKEN Foundation, which was established jointly by TÜRGEV and Ensar Foundation in the USA and the UK, aims to support Turkish students coming to the USA and the UK by providing them with opportunities, especially accommodation and scholarships, and also aims to protect their own culture and values.

The foundation, which opened its first home for students in New York, began to build a complex of 200 people that offered many social and cultural facilities to its guests.

TURKEN Foundation serves approximately 50 students with a total of 8 student houses in Washington, Boston, Virginia, and Syracuse, especially in New York.

Turken Foundation, mainly in New York; continues to carry out social and cultural activities with students. Every year during Ramadan, Muslim students are hosted at an iftar dinner in New York, and more than 100 American guest students are hosted in Turkey every year within the scope of the Youth Bridge project. 

Our foundation has started to welcome our students in the UK with TURKEN Foundation UK, which was established in 2015, and hosts students from Turkey academically and socially through its head office in London.
For detailed information, you can visit: https://turkenfoundation.org/