Against Online Violence and Hatred: #PreventBullying

Through the Awareness Campaign Against Online Bullying, we aim to raise social awareness by providing information and tools to empower children, young people, parents, caregivers and educators online.

As TÜRGEV, we are working to produce transformative and remedial policies that address social issues in youth and education fields. For this reason, Online Bullying, which is one of the most important and current problems experienced by young people, was among our projects.

Steps We Have Taken

Our social responsibility project, which is carried out under the name of "Awareness Campaign Against Online Bullying" with the slogan "#PreventBullying" aims to reach children, families, educators through social media platforms and website and to protect them against online dangers by empowering internet users of all ages.

In order for the project to turn into a campaign that will encompass the whole country, we organized a launch organization and came together with extremely valuable experts and opinion leaders and made a presentation explaining the burning problems of the online bullying issue and the steps we have taken as TÜRGEV in this regard.

With the “Awareness Campaign Against Online Bullying" that we carry out with the slogan #PreventBullying, we produced content for parents and educators in order to support children in a psycho-cultural sense. Focusing not only on the child who was exposed, but also on the child who engaged in bullying behavior, we conducted a social media communication aimed at children / teens.
With two powerful studies, one of which was a promotional video and the other was a call video, we increased campaign awareness and visibility, especially in social media.

We have published an awareness guide against bullying on our campaign website. In addition, we have created an e-learning module specifically for the use of parents and educators, which includes basic concepts, measures and solutions to bullying, which can be easily used through our website. We have developed a chatbot to direct users coming to the site to the right content. We have prioritized the user experience with minimal content and clean interface design.

On social media, we videotaped and shared bullying stories from our followers with their own voices and created an organic community of our followers discussing the concept of bullying and sharing their experiences and thoughts on this topic. We have forwarded the legal questions sent to us via private messages to the experts and compiled the most frequently received questions with their answers and published them in the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website. Especially on Instagram, we have presented a rich content with animation, typographic works and subtitled videos that will appeal to the design and content tastes of children and young people.