GİF (Factory of Fine Works) Saffeti Pasha

GİF (Factory of Fine Works) Saffeti Pasha hosted by a lodge building dating back to the 19th century on the historical peninsula of Istanbul, is a research and education center established by our foundation to produce discourse, especially in the field of social and humanities, to carry out scientific studies that will enrich the world of ideas and values of the youth of our country and develop an original perspective on universal issues.

Aiming to develop a multifaceted and universal approach to higher education and knowledge production, our campus carries out its activities with the motive of supporting students and researchers who are closely related to the issues of our country and the world in terms of making their own contributions and creating solution proposals.

The historical Saffeti Pasha lodge building, which hosted the settlement, was built in Sirkeci in 1845 by Musa Safveti Pasha, one of the Ottoman statesmen, and served as one of the important Hâlidî dergahs of the time in Istanbul. The Saffeti Pasha lodge, which has the appearance of a modest complex with structures such as a masjid, library, and dervish convent, will continue this richness and versatility it has hosted in its history by hosting the academic activities of our foundation as an educational campus today.

Through the reading groups, workshops, conferences, and seminars held within the GIF Safveti Pasha, students who are currently in higher education in Turkey are offered the opportunity to gain academic depth and enrich their worlds of concepts.

The Graduate Researcher Training Scholarship program, it is aimed to contribute to and direct the developing discourse in the world and our country by conducting research and evaluations, making reports, and publishing publications on subjects such as education, environment, agriculture, technology, and women's policies.

The campus is also home to the TÜRGEV Academy, which offers university students a long-term curriculum of social sciences and Islamic sciences.

GIF Saffeti Pasha, which constitutes one of the important centers of our foundation's educational activities, continues to work with the vision of creating intellectual curiosity, developing a research spirit, and supporting scientific production in the youth of our country.