GİF (Factory of Fine Works) Vezneciler

TÜRGEV GIF Vezneciler started its activities in 2017 and continued its activities in its building in Fatih Vezneciler until 2020 and moved to Beyaz Konak in the Fatih Süleymaniye region in February 2020.

With its new location in Sulaymaniye very close to universities, dormitories, and student formations, GIF Vezneciler has become a decent center of attraction for students. The three-story multi-purpose classrooms host trainings, seminars, talks, and workshops, as well as being used by our visitors as study and reading spaces. GIF Vezneciler also has a music room where piano and singing lessons take place, a library with 1683 books, and a cafeteria.

Our center continues its activities to organize events according to the needs of young people, to prepare environments where they can easily express themselves, and to be a place for various studies.

From psychology to history, from art to mathematics, from cinema to urban studies, we continue to work on the path we have set out with the effort to open doors in the educational lives of the participants with a wide range of activities.